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Acting as the AP Computer Science course Walls never had, the A+ course will prepare you to get an industry recognized certification. The course, instructed by Zakery Lee and Rafael Suarez, will be taught all year on Wednesdays. Like a college course, you will have to buy your own book ($40), and we will be moving quickly through the material. Don't let that scare you as previous experience is not required, just recommended (and even the act of filling out this form shows you have some knowledge). The course will be divided into two halves, like the certification test itself. The first semester will focus on hardware, and the second will be on Operating Systems. We'll try to keep the class size small, providing for a focused learning environment with lots of hands on experience. At the end of the course, you will be able to take and pass the A+ certification exam (however, taking the exam is not mandatory). Note: literacy is required and there will be some homework.



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